Favorite Chewy Dog Products

Favorite Chewy Dog Products

Chewy is a well known online source for pet food, products, and medicine. I have been ordering from Chewy for about two years now and I love it. They offer autoship discounts, it’s convenient, they have fast shipping, and they have amazing customer service. If you need pet meds or prevention, they are also more cost effective than purchasing through a vet typically. You still do need a prescription for some items.

I rarely have to go inside a pet store anymore since ordering from Chewy which I love! Here are some of my favorite purchases from Chewy.

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Natural Balance Fat Dogs Dry Dog Food

I originally bought this Fat Dogs food for my dog Bambi as she was pretty chunky. I decided she needed to go on a diet. I came across this food and decided to try it out along with feeding her a little less. Bambi has been eating this food for about a year now. She visibly shed some of that extra weight. Looking from above, I can actually see her hips and some definition. Before she was just solid. She still has a little bit of a belly, but I was impressed that the food actually seemed to help!

I also transitioned my other two dogs, Haylee and Nadia to the food too. They also could afford to lose some weight. I have noticed the same thing with their body shape as well. They look like a healthier weight.

Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Soft Joint Chews

My dog, Haylee has bad knees. When she first came to me, she had a torn ACL. Then she had a partial injury to the other leg from jumping off the bed. Even with a dog ramp and carrying her upstairs and onto the bed, she still wants to be an independent girl. Sometimes she will jump off the bed or on to the couch. She’ll even sometimes get so excited when she sees people she loves that she stands on her back legs. I always call her “strong legs”.

Because of her issues, I decided to put her on Dasuquin. I believe it has really helped her as she seems to have more strength in her back legs. She runs better and can even jump more than before. However, I still try to limit that kind of activity which is why I carry her upstairs and on the bed.

VETIQ Maximum Strength Hip & Joint Soft Chews

All three of my dogs are around the same age, 7-8 years old. Even though Haylee is my main concern with joint issues, I still decided to put Bambi and Nadia on a cheaper joint chew. I did not think it was necessary to put them all on Dasuquin just yet. I am using these mainly as maintenance as they age and or if needed, I’ll transition them.

My dogs are not picky at all when it comes to food or treats, so they aren’t the best judge for if something is tasty or not. They get their supplements every morning after breakfast and they are always excited!

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PetSafe Easy Walk Nylon No Pull Harness

I purchased this Easy Walk Harness when I had my foster, Loki. He did not have very good leash manners, so I needed to try something different with him. This harness clips in the front of the dog’s chest instead of on their back. This helps with pulling because as they pull, it points them toward you.

My former foster, Loki, wearing an Easy Walk harness.

Putting this harness on your dog at first can be a little confusing, but the diagram that it came with really helped. If you have a strong dog that needs help with leash pulling, this is a great option!

Mendota Slip Leash

In my post about products you should have as a shelter volunteer, I spoke highly of Mendota slip leashes. I absolutely love these leashes. They are reasonably priced, comfortable, and safer than most other leashes. I use these at the shelter, when transporting dogs, or even with my own dogs/fosters (unless they pull too hard).

There are tons of color options and combinations along with varying lengths. I prefer the 6 foot leash, but if you have smaller dogs the 4 foot option may be a better fit.

Slow Feeder Bowl

My sister recently bought this special bowl for Bambi since she inhales her food. Chewy has a few options and sizes for these slow feeder bowls, but the FRISCO Bone Shaped bowl is the one we got. The first time Bambi ate from that bowl, she was pretty confused and just kept smelling around. It took her about 3 minutes to eat it all whereas usually it’s 20-30 seconds in a regular bowl. Now that she has it figured out, it takes about 2 minutes instead. She does not seem to mind anymore. She just has to work a little harder to get the crumbs/last bit out.

Slower feeder bowls are good for dogs that eat too fast which can then lead to being hungry sooner. It can also help prevent things like an upset stomach.

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Dog Clothes

My dogs are not big clothing wearers, but when it is cold or rainy out I sometimes like to dress them up. My favorite piece of dog clothing I purchased from Chewy is the FRISCO Rubber Ducky Raincoat. I use this one the most specifically for my dog, Bambi. She is my sassiest dog when it comes to rain. I generally have to put this on her and walk her with a leash when it’s raining heavily.

I also have a few PJs and hoodies. For Chewy it seems like the sizes run small. For example I have two sets of PJs. One is in size large and the other is extra large. My 40 lb hound can barely fit in them. So I would definitely size up. For the hoody and raincoat I have XXL. The length goes past the butt of my dogs (who range between 40-50 lbs), but those fit better overall compared to the PJs.

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