Haylee’s Adoption Story

Haylee the Injured Pitbull

After foster failing on Nadia, then Bambi we continued to foster. Remember this was in a townhouse with a tiny yard and no fence. However, we wanted to continue helping. We fostered a few dogs over the next year. Then Summer of 2017, I was told that I could pick my next foster from the shelter I volunteer at since I would know that dog. I was still fostering for the Society of Humane Friends of Georgia. There was a cute female pit bull named Haylee with a torn ACL.

Here is one of the videos of her that I was actually in as well. The shelter was pretty full at this time of year and unfortunately the management was absolute dog crap for lack of a better term. Dogs were being killed left and right to make space for potential incoming dogs. (That’s a whole other story though!) Sadly, I later found out that Harley was killed at the shelter for that very reason. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think of Haylee almost having that fate. I feel terrible for Harley not getting a chance at a good home…

I Pick Haylee

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