Nadia’s Adoption Story

As I mentioned in my first blog post: My Rescue + Volunteer Story, I have three precious dogs that I adopted. I could literally talk about my dogs all day. With that being said, I have decided to make a separate post about each dog. Otherwise, you would be here for an hour reading all their stories at once! So here’s Nadia’s story. Check back for Bambi and Haylee’s stories too.

A Dog on Death’s Door

Nadia was originally from the Dekalb County Animal Shelter. I don’t know her full background, but as a puppy (around 6 months old) she came in on death’s door. She had open wounds and punctures all over her body that were consistent with a dog attack. Thankfully Society of Humane Friends of Georgia stepped in to help save her life. Here is a link to their initial Facebook post on Nadia. Nadia had a dangerously high fever along with her left leg being crushed. Her blood pressure was low and she was very anemic. Clearly, she was in very critical condition.

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